What is it?

Le Cercle de l’Art, created by Margaux Derhy in 2020, empowers financial independence for artists, and accessible access to art for the art-lover to buy works, and creates a closer relationship between artist and art-lover with no intermediary.

The art world can be a stressful environment. Artists can’t rely on a regular income and often spend more time hustling than creating.
Art lovers can’t afford art pieces, and when they can, they often have zero contact with the artist, instead going through galleries or brokers.

With no middleman involved, people can buy art directly from the artist and pay it off in monthly instalments over the course of a year.

How does it work?

One month per year, I will announce a new portfolio of 20 works available for sale through Le Cercle de l’Art.

The portfolio will be available by request of a private link.

Anybody who buys one of the limited works from my portfolio becomes a member of my “inner circle” and receives exclusive member advantages such as private invitations, gifts, and access to special sales.

Instead of paying for the piece all at once, the work is paid off over 12 monthly instalments. The member thus is able to access art pieces that may otherwise be out of their financial comfort zone.

These monthly payments give me, the artist, a fixed monthly income, allowing me to concentrate on my creative projects instead of hustling.

Joining my Circle means:

  • Establishing a personal and intimate artist/buyer relationship
  • Acquiring a work in 12 monthly instalments over one year (the work is given on the first payment)
  • Rather than paying for a work all at once, payment is monthly over a year (through a permanent 12-month transfer). From the first payment, the work is delivered to your home and is accompanied by a deposit voucher. It is after the 12th instalment that you become the owner of the work.
  • Access to the artist’s studio life: access to the intimacy of the work of the artist who undertakes to regularly share the underside of his creation.
  • Meeting other actors and collectors close to the artist:
  • Art lovers, artists, and circle members (individuals or companies) will be invited to meet and share their artistic sensibilities.
Perks of being a member

Members of my circle will have access to private studio visits, artist talks, limited print editions, special sale prices, as well as other events that foster community such as the possibility of a members dinner, conferences, etc.

Distance is not a problem, you can join my circle from any corner of the world and special benefits will be tailored to your location!
Finally, being part of my Circle means you become a direct patron of the arts, and can follow my creative journey from an intimate vantage point.

About my portfolio for Le Cercle de l’Art 2022

For Le Cercle de l’Art Season 1 (May 2022), I worked on two subjects.

The first subject addresses my own complicated relationship between desire, food, and having a body. Journalist Susan Burton writes in her memoir “Empty” that eating disorders are characterised by secrecy. “They exist within a patriarchal culture that diminishes female suffering.”

In these paintings I aim to create an aesthetic anchor for a subject that is historically taboo and under discussed, that is: the undertow of desire in a world that drives us to both consume and holds us to inobtainable physical standards. And should one not consume or bend to the beauty standards, there are real social, civil, and legal consequences.

The second subject of my work looks at life with a dog. For two years I’ve been privy to dogs eating wildly, experiencing sexuality without regard for gender, yearning and salivating openly, breaking every human taboo possible. These absurd, adorable, shocking vignettes have helped guide me to questions about heteronormativity, body images, and taboos in a new way.

I want to join! How?

Membership for Le Cercle 2022 is now closed, but it will open again in 2023. Send me a message to receive my news, updates, and pop up sales!