How To Bless The Body

A tantric masterbation exercise, sound installation
4:50 minutes, 2020

In 2020, public space was not safe or available, and yet there were so many injustices to speak out against: police brutality, acts of racism, the last of the Trump year policies, to name a few.

Not being able to occupy public space as easily, I began to consider progressive action in the intimate sphere.

The poet Ross Gay says that practicing delight is inherently a political act. Tending to a personal joy means being unproductive in a lucrative sense. The first thing western society demands of its citizens is function.

I created this tantric masturbation meditation as a way to engage in acts of resistance through radical self love. To respond to a sick society as a way to heal.

In tantra, orgasm is not an end goal. The tenants of tantric sexual practice are founded in breathing and slowing down. This is a meditation in the form of a blessing for the body, a moment of reflection to marvel in your living, breathing, miraculous body, that is here against all odds.